We may not be big, but we’re certainly clever – Meet our team

Kevin is our Director, and describes himself as “Victor-Kiam” of the large format printing industry; he liked it so much he bought the company!
With over 30 years’ experience, he has never worked anywhere else, starting as “Boy Friday”, Kevin really has experienced work at every level within Lea Valley Colour. What this man doesn’t know about this industry, the job we do, and the tools we use to do it, probably just isn’t worth knowing. The rest, as they say, is history…

Debbie is our resident Queen of Quotation, our Sovereign of Sales, the Duchess of Digital Print! Sales and Marketing Director. Debs is in charge of putting across just what a fabulous job our team do. Having always been in sales, Debbie has been with the company for the last seventeen years – and she really knows her stuff.

Amanda is our superstar Office Manager, the glue that holds Lea Valley Colour together. Nothing happens at LVC basecamp without Amanda knowing about it. Her technical knowledge is second only to that of “her boys downstairs” in production. She’s a whirlwind at simply getting things done – on time, and to the absolute best of all of our combined abilities

Jane assists Amanda in the busy office admin. If Amanda is unavailable then she will always be happy to help you. If she doesn’t know something she will be happy find out or direct you to another member of the team who can.

The Sales Team We employ two of them…
Ange is the South African with more personality than she knows what to do with! Always willing to go the extra mile with a smile to match. Ange is the newest member to our team, however her history with Lea Valley Colour goes back to when she worked for one of our clients. Because of this she understands exactly what is meant by “tight deadlines” and will do whatever is required to move your mountains with you.

Stuart has over 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE based in Repro, Flexo, Litho and large format Stuart knows a thing or two. If you need help and advise just pick up the phone or email him.

The Guys – With a vast skill set between them, these skilled craftsmen are the ones actually producing your graphics; tinkering with your artwork until it looks just right, looking after all of your bespoke builds for exhibition stands, taking immense care over the installations of your superbly produced graphics, even delivering what our couriers perhaps cannot. If you need a model armadillo powder-coated an obscure colour? No problem. Want us to build you a custom reception desk for your new office? They’re on it. Whatever it is you need from us, it’s wont phase this lot.

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