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The great outdoors…

Like it or loathe it, public transport gets you seen. Whether you’re stuck in a queue with nothing better to look at or huddled on a freezing platform, the only thing to look at is the advertising. So it’s no surprise that so many companies use the country’s thousands of buses and trains to promote their products and services. Bus and train graphics aren’t the end of it though; we print custom vehicle liveries for any shape or size of car or lorry. So whether you’re an estate agent or a logistics company, we can help you raise your profile every minute you’re on the road with our bespoke vehicle livery printing.

Lea Valley have supplied signage to Waves & Tesco Hand Car Wash for many years now. The quality of signage is good and the team are fantastic to deal with – orders are processed quickly and delivered on time and the team even manage to fulfil our very(!) last minute requirements wherever possible. Very highly recommended.
Waves Consultancy Ltd & Waves Car Wash Ltd
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We’ve got it covered

We frequently manufacture permanent entrance signage for businesses from a whole host of materials; our temporary solutions also draw the eye immediately. Whether you’re after a mesh advertising banner for an outdoor sports event or an enticing solid sign for the driveway to your business – we’ve got it covered.

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